The Journey

“Jimmy, we need a bit more space in here, and this kitchen’s falling to pieces? The kids are getting bigger... can’t we just take out that middle wall?”

“I’ll have a word with Seamus (the builder friend) he’ll have it down in a jiffy”.

“Sorry mate, it’s not that simple, we’d need to get an Engineer - that’s a loadbearing wall - it’s carrying the bedroom floors and probably goes up to roof level to help with the roof loading as well. Why don’t we just take out that back wall and push out into the garden a few feet? - It’s not that much more work! I’ll have a quick word with an Architect I’m working with - he’s full of good ideas!”

Do you see where this is going?

Already, we have in place the Holy Trinity of construction, the Architect, the Engineer and the friendly Builder!

So, the journey begins - what started out as a plea for an extra cupboard has escalated into an Architect’s masterplan!

Put your coat on - we’re going out! 

So, with a tight grip on the Architect’s plans (because you paid a lot of money to get this far), you set off in search of your perfect kitchen. You’ve been online, you’ve bought the glossy magazines, you’ve made a shortlist of kitchen companies, but you’re a bit disappointed as they all seem to be copying each other, they all seem the same. How are you supposed to know who’s the best fit for you? You want a quality kitchen - but you don’t want to be spending your hard earned money paying for fancy showrooms, sales staff and expensive advertising. Let’s take a minute to think this through!

Handmade... handcrafted... bespoke... handpainted... made to measure... artisan-built... MDF... melamine... Farrow & Ball... face-frame... in-frame... blum...butt hinges... soft-close... top of the range chipboard?... wireworks...

Pull-out this and that... state of the art... trends... boutique showroom... by appointment only... how much?!!... frustration... confused... Let’s go home to think this through again!

So, happy days - a couple of quotes come through. The trouble is, they only show a layout plan and you’ve been invited to go back to the design studio to “discuss further”.

“I just want to know how much... Can’t you tell me so we don’t waste each other’s time if it’s over my budget?”

“Sorry madam, it’s company policy”.

Okay, so you bite your tongue and go along with ‘company policy’, you’ve gone this far after all....

But the thing is, you’re starting to get the hang of this - you’re feeling a little less intimidated. Now you have a few questions to ask!

Why are you more expensive/cheaper than the guy down the road?

What are your kitchens made of?

Do you make everything in house?

Why don’t I just go to Ikea or B&Q? (good question)

“Hello madam, thanks for coming back, can I get you a cup of coffee?”

To be continued....